Are you considering hiring a housecleaner? Well, first of all, congratulations! You’re about to have some much needed free time! Second of all, where do you even start with one? The idea of having a housecleaner can be new and uncharted territory for most, but don’t worry, it’s not that complicated. After all, your housecleaner is there to help take some of the work off your hands. Most would prefer you leave a list of tasks so they can manage their time accordingly, but what chores should you list? The most common go-to’s for housecleaners include dusting, mopping and wiping, but if you want to get really specific, and get the most out of your time, here’s are 4 other tasks your housecleaner could take on.

Start The Laundry

Ask your housecleaner to start a load of laundry. If they start with this one, they can work on other chores on your list while it’s running and take it out when it’s done! Why not kill two birds with one stone! If there’s time when the laundry machine is finished, do a second load!

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Swap Your Sheets

Not only can your housecleaner make your bed, they can freshen it up with new sheets! Leave a clean set of sheets out for your housecleaner and get them to swap your sheets during the day! This is something that will pay off in satisfaction when you come home at the end of a long day and crawl into a fresh, clean bed.

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Empty Garbage

One task that everyone procrastinates doing is taking out the garbage. Let your housecleaner know in your note that you’d like them to change the garbage. Make sure to let them know where they can put the trash too, and if sorting options like compost and recycling are available. This is something more practical than simply wiping down the kitchen counters, and will take this irritating chore off your list!

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Clean Out The Fridge

Lastly, fridges are always in need of a good wipe-down. This is a chore that not many people have time to do but when done, can make a big difference. Cut down on duplicates, expired food and wipe the shelves. Rid your fridge of any odours or spills, replace the baking soda or ground coffee beans that are keeping the shelves fresh, and enjoy the cleanliness!

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A housecleaner can really be a great addition to anyone’s busy life. Want to enjoy a clean house without doing the cleaning?

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