5 Productivity Apps for the Urban Young Professional

A working professional completes work task on cell phone at decluttered, desk

Life can get hectic when you’re a young professional in the city. But no worries, we’ve rounded up 5 creative productivity apps that will make your life easier on a regular basis – especially for those of you from Toronto. From streamlining chores in your personal life to improving the quality of your working life, these apps are essential additions to your weekly urban routines!


Car2Go is a car-sharing service that allows you to rent a car immediately or book via the app 30 minutes in advance, and drop it off at any of their designated parking locations. Get yourself to where you need to be on your own terms. Car2Go operates in 25 different cities (Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver included), and offers team accounts for businesses who have short-range travel needs. Make your consultation, meeting or appointment across the city in no time!

Why We Love It: Beat traffic with Car2Go’s 2-seater smart car, a compact electrical vehicle nimble enough to weave through the gridlock that plagues the city!


Breather is an office space rental with booking options by the hour, day or month. With workspaces for collaborations, meetings, or individual work, Breather offers comfortable, distraction-free spaces for every working professional. Breather rooms are outfitted with whiteboards, tech equipment such as TV screens, and Wi-Fi. Need extra tables, more chairs, or a projection system? Breather uses local support teams to meet customization needs, making them a perfect, productivity app to use for your professional needs! Whether you are you are in Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal, Breather has a great space for you.

Why We Love It: It’s love at first sight with Breather’s tastefully curated, well-lit spaces, and decluttered aesthetics. A beautiful space makes starting work that much easier.


Coming home to piles of dirty laundry after a long workday?  Wish things were a little cleaner? Alfred’s got your back. A laundry service app with the personality of a British butler, Alfred takes care of all your laundering needs in the simplest way possible. Deposit your clothing in an Alfred locker or with an Alfred-approved concierge, and pick them up fresh and clean in 48 hours. Besides regular laundering services, Alfred also offers dry cleaning, shoe polish and shoe repair.  Available across Toronto.

Why We Love It: Alfred is a witty, humorous app committed to dealing with your dirty laundry. What more could you ask for?


Saunter right by the lineup at your favourite joint to pick up your food, grab your coffee, and head right back into your workflow. Ritual allows you to place a food order, pay and pick up in store. Browse nearby restaurants, curate a selection of your personal favorites and gain access to Ritual-exclusive discounts! Bet you never imagined Ritual to be grouped under productivity apps.  Available across Toronto.

Why We Love It: Ritual released Piggyback last year, an option allowing individuals to attach pickup orders to another colleague’s account. The runner, who literally takes all for the team, is rewarded with extra points and a lot of workplace goodwill, a win-win for everybody!


AskforTask logoWe’ve all had days when we wish our home would just clean itself. With AskforTask, it’s possible. Simply request a service, fill in the details, and wait for a Tasker to claim the job. Besides house cleaning services and furniture assembly, we also provide plumbing, electrical and painting tasks. Spend your time off creating meaningful experiences with loved ones. Leave the deep cleaning to us.  Our customer service team will take care of you.  Available in Toronto, Calgary & Montreal, Vancouver.

Why We Love It: AskforTask carefully vets contracted Taskers, including cleaners, who are also covered by our insurance. In other words, you’ll get the highest quality services from the best working professional in your area.

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