Fall is just around the corner and a new wave of interior design trends are arriving with it! This fall, we at AskforTask have an eye out for the most prominent trends in home living! If you’re looking to update or liven up your home spaces, consider flipping your decorations to match the cooler climates and wintry festivities that are on their way, look no further. Catch these 5 design trends that are sure to elevate your living spaces, and satisfy your aesthetic home living itch!

Pink Is In

image of pink couch in a living room with pink walls
Courtesy of Marks and Spencer

Think of russets and woody darks! Maple Autumn cabinets and tables! The pink craze continues but deepens and ages to match the autumnal vibes. Deep pinks are available for high-pile rugs, couch cushions, orange-red hued wood cabinets and tables, and available as accented prints as well!

We’ve Got The Navy Blues

image of blue couch against a grey wall and a corner table with a vase of yellow flowers and blue book

Navy bue is timeless and classy, but they’re on the upsurge this season, used for wallpapering or as primary monochromes on large pieces of furniture like couches. Navy blue is also a great accent against other tones, and can be used with gold, browns, greys and whites!

Stay Wicker(d)

dining table with wicker tray in the middle

Woven wood is here to stay, as we continue to see an increased celebration of handmade, traditional but elevated. Watch for rattan, wicker and other textural weaves incorporated into kitchen and storage pieces, dining furniture and coffee table pieces!

Hold On To Your Prints

dynamic green plant and hyacinth flower wallpaper
Courtesy of Cole & Son

Prints continue dominating this year with oversized floral decals, and lush wallpapers and green prints. If you’re looking for something more stripped down, the Scandinavian trend has also taken on print by working in understated patterns into pillow covers, and monochromatic rug options for your bedrooms or under the coffee tables.

Drown in Lush

lush velvet green couch against moss green painted wall
Courtesy of Heal’s

As the temperatures drop, burrow into woolly knits, plushy carpets and pillows. Velvet textures are taking over interior design and merging into matte and shine hybrid pieces that feel rich and soft. Up your luxe game with some simple throw pillows, or a throw over for your couch in this curl and cuddle stay-in season.

Welcome the fall-winter season with a little decor upgrade! Hop onto any of these 2018 interior design trends to elevate your living space and make your home life a little more aesthetic and comfortable! If you need help moving furniture or getting your space spiffed up, use BLOG10 to get $10 off your first task with AskforTask!



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