Laundry stains are the worst. It’s pretty disheartening to find a particularly stubborn stain and know you’ll have to say goodbye to your favorite shirt. You shouldn’t let it go without a fight though. Here are 5 rules we recommend for removing stubborn stains.  . So here’s how to do it.

Timing Is Everything


The sooner you address a stain, the better. Stains that have been sitting for more than 24 hours will be much harder to take care of than new stains. Once it happens, don’t panic, but do get to work immediately!

Blot and Blot


For most stains, a simple blotting strategy will work. Wet the corner of a napkin or cloth with cold water and dab repeatedly where the stain is. For larger stains, press into the fabric with some force and rub a little to loosen the stain particles.

Wash Out The Back


If the stain is a stubborn one, and you are able to remove the piece of clothing. Turn your clothes inside out and flush the back of the stain to loosen the particles from the fibers that way.

Inspect Before Drying


After attempting to wash out the stain in the washing machine, if the stain is still present, do not put it in the dryer! Either rinse and repeat or do spot treatment in some other way. The heat from the drying process will only make the stain more permanent.

Soak with baking soda


Using baking soda and water, create a paste and gently rub it into the stain. Let it sit for a a while before rinsing out. Repeat the process if necessary.

The stain treatment process is essentially a wash, rinse, check, repeat if necessary flow. If you follow these general guidelines, a fresh stain should be out in no time. A stain that’s old might take a few repeats to finally work. If you’re in doubt, consult at your local drycleaner’s.

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