5 Ways to Save Money Cleaning

Saving money on cleaning can make a big difference in your home’s financial landscape. Here’s some tips on how to get a great clean, without breaking the bank.

1. Use Mild Dish Soap Or Plain Water


What people don’t know is that a mild dish soap can clean a lot more than just dishes. Clean counters, windows, carpet stain remover or even use it as a fruit and veggie wash.

2. Switch To Fluorescent Lightbulbs


Everyone knows this but most also forget that fluorescent bulbs last way longer and are better for the environment!

3. Use a Store Brand

cleaning supplies

Store brand cleaners are usually cheaper than other more well known branded cleaners. Save the money and buy the same thing from a cheaper brand!

4. Choose Reusable Cloths and Mops


Ditch the Swiffer and grab reusable mops and cloths.  They’ll save money while saving the environment!

5. Make Your Own Cleaners


Baking soda and vinegar have magical cleaning superpowers. Lemon also can be used as an all natural bleach. Mix em together to make your own DIY cleaner!

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