5 Ways To Transform Your Balcony Into Something You Actually Use

I’ve lived in an apartment for the past 2 years that has a small but beautiful balcony. I’ll go out there sometimes, mostly to check the weather but other than that it stays empty and unused.

I mean, it’s a privilege to have a balcony in the busy city! Imagine how lovely it would be to be able to go out there, sit on a comfy chair and sip a cup of tea? Transforming your balcony into something you actually use sounds complicated and a lot of work, but it’s much easier than you’ll think, and you will be able to enjoy the payoff immediately!

1. Start With A Seat

If you’re going to start using your balcony and enjoying your home to the fullest, start with a comfy chair. Preferably an outdoor-ready chair but at the end of the day, anything can work. Find something you can lounge in, and pair it with a cozy blanket. We love this look:Β it’s small enough to fit on tiny city balconies but still comfortable enough that you can curl up in on those warm summer evenings.


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2. Get Your Twinkle On!

Transforming your balcony into a space to relax is all about bringing your inside, outside. So try adding a little lighting to the mix. We hate to suggest being the kind of person who has Christmas lights up in July, but hanging up a string of white fairy lights can make your balcony look magical. They’re also weather-ready and can provide the light you need in a subtle way.


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3. Cover Up!

Rugs and carpets with different textures and colours are your new best friend. Not only are they stylish and decorative, but they’ll cover up your balconies cold concrete and make you feel warmer. Alternatively,Β  cover your balcony with artificial grass for a simulated small backyard feel.


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4. Huddle Around Your DIY Campfire

Bring the candles outside for a still, warm evening and enjoy the view, a conversation with a cup of something warm! Paired with your white twinkling lights, this will make your balcony feel like a retreat. Cuddle up, read a book, and go on a vacation without leaving your home!


via Crazy Chic Design

5. Go Green

Make your balcony your personal garden. Grow some plants, hang some plants or pot some plants. The options are endless and the greenery can turn your space into something completely new. We love the idea of growing herbs on your balcony. They don’t require a lot of space and are a practical plant! Need some flavour in your pasta? Skip the grocery store and go to your balcony!


via Arctic Gardens

It’s easy to transform your balcony into something fun and practical! Summer’s coming and there’s no time like today to start a fun spring project! Have some big ideas but don’t want to do it alone? We’ve got the cleaning and handyman services you need to get your project started: use our code BLOG10 to get $10 off your first task with AskforTask!



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