7 Office Hacks For A Better Work Environment

The right workspace can have a major impact on employee productivity. Just a few slight adjustments and suddenly the space seems brighter and more energetic.  Here are office design hacks to consider for your work environment to boost employee moral and increase work output.

Reimagine The Meeting Room

A lot of time gets wasted in sit-down meetings and in email chains. Make your meetings more efficient by checking in with people by the water cooler or on-the-go during a coffee run. Just make sure they know you’re going to ask about it beforehand!

Plug Yourself In

Plugging into music or a good podcast can help cut out background noise and let you focus on the work at hand. Additionally, podcasts related to your field of work are great ways to stay on your game and still be enjoying yourself in the middle of the workday grind.

Get On Your Feet

Studies show people are more productive when they are on their feet. If possible, invest in adjustable standing desks, and make it a norm for people to feel comfortable pacing. Break up the work day with mandatory short walks!

Inspire With Colour

According to research, blue stimulates the mind, yellow inspires creativity, while green has a calming effect. Regardless, a space that is dynamic and full of thoughtful colours will make for a much more pleasant work environment. Consider decluttering your own work space or introducing specific colours to help with your work flow!

Light Smart

Workers in an office environment with lots of natural light see a major increase in productivity and energy. If natural light is minimal, supplement your space with soft lights and greenery to make the space more warm and inviting.

Break Up the Open Plan

It may sound counter intuitive to current trends, but according to a study, employees work better when they have their own space. This doesn’t mean you should revert to traditional cubicles. Strike a balance by designing your space with mixed spaces for employees to have their own nooks while still being connected to the larger environment!

Flexible Work Schedule

Sometime an office just can’t accommodate everybody’s needs, and having a person on-site isn’t necessary. Rather than having a full office from Monday to Friday, schedule in mandatory office meetings and a regular routine twice a week and work on your own preferred schedule in between those anchor check-in meetings.

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