Age of Urban Tech: Muneeb Mustaq at the New Cities Summit

We are now entering a new era that we call “Urban Tech”. Companies are utilizing the immense power of technology to solve pressing challenges in cities to make people’s lives easier. The Urban Tech movement aims to enable cities to change the way they function by creating faster-paced environments. Above all, through technology, the urban tech movement wants to build platforms that empower people who live in urban settings.

New Cities Summit

From June 21st to the 23rd, Montréal will be buzzing as it hosts the New Cities Summit. This summit will bring in Urban Tech leaders from around the world to engage in global discussions on the challenges, opportunities and best practices for cities of the future. As an Urban Tech entrepreneur, AskforTask’s CEO Muneeb Mushtaq will be speaking on June 22nd as part of a shared economy breakout panel: “Sharing is Caring, Trust is Key”.

It is incredible to see the way people have integrated sharing economy companies into their everyday lives. Even 10 years ago, the concept of allowing strangers into your house to perform tasks or welcoming unknown people to stay at your house in your absence was unimaginable, and yet now this is the norm. The success of this type of platform is based on two things:

  1. Elevated trust between strangers
  2. Increased awareness that the average person can make additional income from the skills and assets that they already have

The panel will discuss how the sharing economy has led to heightened trust between city dwellers, and also how regulatory bodies can build on “technology-enabled trust-based interactions” to help the urban innovation ecosystem thrive.

Check out the event program, list of speakers and more information on the summit!

Finally, AskforTask would love to engage with you! We are a marketplace service that not only aims to solve the problems of service supply in urban spaces. We hope that the efficiency of our services also helps to forge strong community relations between people through technology-enabled spaces. Visit our website and like us on Facebook!


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