AskforTask Says ‘Hello’

It Starts With A Word: ‘Hello’

Fast Company recently wrote an article on a simple enough idea; An idea that sometimes gets lost in the sometimes hectic world of business, connecting, communicating and working with people. This idea, Fast Company says, in ‘the economy of human interaction’ is simply saying ‘Hello’.

Michelle Welsch, author of this article quotes Howard White (VP of Nike’s Jordan Brand) in stating, “When we separate ourselves from others, we limit our own potential and that of those around us. When you say “Hello,” you extend yourself. It’s an offering, a giving.”

This couldn’t be more important for start-ups that aim to work with and connect with communities across a city, nation or the globe. Being based in the most diverse and multicultural city in the world, we have taken heed of the necessity for various ways to say hello. With a team that adequately represents Toronto’s multiculturalism, we connect with our community members in ways that keep us growing and innovating.

We love saying hello to our community members, new and old.

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– Amy, Social Engagement Specialist


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