Bartering is Making a Comeback

Bartering may seem an old-fashioned and outdated manner of sharing, but it seems to be seeing a resurgence in major metropolitan cities across North America, never mind thriving in many other Asian markets.

On, we recently received a request for lawyer services in exchange for expensive oxygen health treatments, which got us thinking: is bartering really making a comeback?

Since we love sharing so much here at AskforTask, it only makes sense that we completely endorse trading. And what better time to talk about bartering than during this beautiful spring season we are having, when flea markets come back full force throughout Toronto and many other city centres?

Flea and farmers markets are a great way of bringing the community together to mutually exchange goods and services, and often involve alternative methods of payment. Markets at the Don Valley Evergreen Brickworks, the Junction, the Distillery District, Parkdale,Β DownsviewΒ and more are vibrant examples of sharing. Whether it’s through volunteerism, bartering, trading, or just getting rid of some second hand items, community markets emphasize a collaborative approach to exchange.

Collaborative consumption–swapping, sharing, and bartering resources online and in person–is a great mechanism of saving money and reduces environmental impact, enabling both people and businesses to exchange and barter skills and resources.

Swapsity is a relatively new platform making a splash in Toronto and across Canada, hosting swap meets and facilitating online bartering. Their websiteΒ claims that people can swap web development skills for a professional massage, kitchen renos for a car, books for movies, and the list goes on and on!

While AskforTask focuses mainly on pay for exchanged services, people do barter to complete tasks. How skilled are you at bartering? How do you negotiate a fair price for the work you want done?

Happy bartering everybody!

-Taylor, Social Engagement Specialist, AskforTask Inc.

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