Your Skills, Your Schedule – Become A Tasker

Are you ready to take control of your work schedule?

A 9-5 schedule is a thing of the past!  It’s time to define your own schedule. AskforTask is the leading online service provider in Canada that matches Taskers (cleaners, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, movers, and general helpers) with Askers (people who want jobs completed). Does this sound like an ideal work schedule for you? Well, here’s the good news, we are always actively on-boarding Taskers all across Canada!

We provide you with free Tasker training, access to the exclusive Tasker app, and allow you to start picking up tasks right away in your local area. Use the app to select the tasks that you would love to do, add them to your calendar and start making money!

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The application process is simple:

  1. Select your skill sets
  2. Complete the eligibility questionnaire
  3. Download the Tasker app and complete the training
  4. Schedule in a phone interview
  5. Start picking up tasks and making money!

Explore a better way to earn and apply to become a Tasker by clicking below.

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