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As housing prices continue to escalate in the big cities in Canada (particularly Toronto and Vancouver), it is becoming increasingly difficult for younger people to buy homes. Enter the new movement of “tiny living” and “micro-homes”. These teeny houses range between 100 – 400 square feet, in comparison to a North American house which averages about 2,600 feet. The movement has really taken off in areas like Colorado, the Pacific Northwest and the Carolinas.

Why would you want to live in a tiny house?

Well, first off, when you see these multi-functional little homes, you might feel a sudden urge to go build one yourself. There are three main reasons as to why people have begun adopting this trend:

  1. Money, money, money! For the majority of people working in North America, around a third to a half of their monthly income is set aside to pay for their rent or mortgage on their $300,000 home. Particularly popular with generation X, building one of these tiny homes from scratch will only cost you between $10,000 and $100,000.

  2. Save the world. A strong trait of people choosing to live the “Tiny Life” is that they care about the environment and are keen to live a more sustainable life. The environmental footprint of these structures is very low, and many include cool green features like compost toilets and solar panel roofs.

  3. Freedom! When interviewed, many tiny home owners defined a new sense of personal and financial freedom as a major reason of building a tiny house. Not only did they eliminate mortgage payments, they were also able to de-clutter their lives. It would make cleaning a breeze!

You can do it too!

So, do you think you could build and live in a tiny house? Check out “The Tiny Life” website where you can find out more about the movement and receive guides on how to build out every inch of your prospective tiny home. Are you really excited about the idea, but would need another set of hands? Give AskforTask a call on +1 844-275-8275 and request a handyman for a “tiny” price.

In the meantime, check out this BuzzFeed video of people experiencing living in a tiny house for the first time!


With so many of us migrating back to living in big cities, and the skyrocketing housing prices, people are choosing to live in smaller spaces such as apartment condos and tiny houses. Moving furniture into small homes is sort of like a tetris battle, plus way more emotional fatigue. But fear not! We’re here to offer some great tips to expand your shrinking condo space so it feels cosy, but remains roomy enough for all your nesting activities!

Buy “Superhero” Furniture!

And no, we aren’t suggesting you buy a couch covered in Batman logos. Invest in furniture that has a secret identity or an alter-ego. For example, a sleeper sofa or futon which could function as a couch by day, and a bed by night, or a hollow ottoman which doubles as handy seat for your friend AND amazing storage unit!

Light it Up!

Thoughtful lighting will do wonders for your space. Eliminate dark corners and open up areas with cool, modern ceiling lights or sleek floor lamps. Awesome design stores in Canada such as RADform, Elte Market, and Carrington Lighting will definitely carry pieces that give you lighting envy. If you’re looking for something hip and young, neon lights are right on trend this year as both lighting and decor home accessories!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Hanging mirrors are a great way to reflect light throughout the room and objects in front of them to give the illusion that the space goes back a lot further! Consider grouping mirrors together on a wall, placing them in darker spots in your apartment so that light can bounce around and naturally brighten the space, or just bringing in a large floor length standing mirror to give your space some oomph!

Copy the Zebra

Incorporating vertical or horizontal stripes into a room can really elongate a space as your eye tends to travel and follow those lines. Think about a thoughtfully designed graphic piece or funky feature wall. Not inclined to commit to such large stripes? Build little design pops in your space through home accessories such as lamps, bedding, rugs, and dishware.

A small space can go a long way if you’re thoughtful and creative with your options! Don’t let a shrinking condo daunt you or cramp your living style. Be smart about how you’re placing things, creative with your home accessories, and keep your living space clutter-free and you’ll have an expanded condo experience in no time!

The trick to a clean house is consistency. We wish it wasn’t so, but it is.

In the end, the cleanest house is one where cleanliness is actively upheld, as opposed to passively reinstated. One should be following a quick and fast-track approach to kitchen cleaning so you can clean your kitchen in small increments and enjoy it more often. Here are just few simple tricks and tips we recommend so you don’t have to spend hours and hours every day to manage the heart and center of your house. It can be a low-maintenance area of the house and still the most used and fun to be in and cook amazing meals in.

Keep Counters Clean At All Times

DO NOT let them clutter for days before you get to clearing it out. Recipe books should be kept in the book cabinet at once. Receipts in your drawers or in the trash. Clean plates in the cupboards, dirty plates in the dishwater. Crowded countertops will just make your kitchen look uselessly dirty and claustrophobic. What’s the use of mopping your kitchen every day when it’ll still look untidy because of the unwanted stuff you’ve collected on the counter tops?

Dust The Kitchen Every Second Day

Make sure you wipe down every high and low zone. With neglect and over time, kitchen surfaces become sticky and more difficult to clean. Start from the oven, counter top, cabinets and sink. Some stubborn marks? Remove difficult stains with a little hydrogen peroxide in water, plus a few drops of ammonia. Now pay attention to the floors. Mop it all out once you’re done doing all of the above. Add half a cup of baking soda in 2 gallons of water and see how your tiles shine. Do you have a wooden floor? Add 1 part white vinegar in 9 parts of warm water. This simple trick comes from our old cleaning maid and is the best and cheapest remedy to make your wood floors look dazzling. Also, don’t forget to plunge your drain every 2 weeks so they don’t clog!

Clean The Oven

While you dust your kitchen every 2nd day, also spend some time specifically on your oven every other Monday. Leaving your oven at the courtesy of only-cooking-no-cleaning will just increase the residue around the stove and the aggregated gunk will be a headache to get rid of afterward. Add dishwasher liquid in warm water, scrape the gunk off and mop it with the liquid.

Attend To Utensils Every 2 Weeks

Make sure to properly season any cast iron pots and pans you might have.  The oil, butter and smell of spices would just go away in a snap. Give a warm rinse and scrub to any other cooking containers. Keep the rust off your metal knives and spoons by soaking them in hot water with dishwashing liquid for some time and all residue will easily scrub off.

Pro Tip: Oil your cutting boards and spoons once a month to increase their life.

Get The Right Cleaning Tools

You can make use of generic kitchen products like baking soda, salt, vinegar and lemon to perform almost any and every cleaning regimen; but having the right tools will just make your life much easier. Get a scrub brush to easily scrub away almost anything from your sink, dishes or countertops. A plastic scraper is the holy grail of oven-cleaning; your work will decrease by half. Grease-cutting dish soap and a dish drainer for dishes you just rinse. Lastly, a powerful plunger for those days you feel your drain is clogging, this is your ultimate friend.