Celebrating Earth Day

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It’s that time of year again: Earth Day is meant to celebrate our own awareness of our consumption patterns, and works as an active reminder to reduce our ecological footprint. At AskforTask we are constantly looking for ways to cut back on waste and be more eco-friendly. Here are our tips to go green at your workplace and home:

Shop Smart: buy only what you need, not what you want. Renting has become especially affordable and accessible as the sharing economy is coming into full swing: we don’t ALL need power drills, vacation homes and our own single-user cars. Odds are you can cut back on both your spending and carbon footprint at the same time.

Cooling Your Space: The summer is coming, and we all know that the heat can be unbearable at time. Instead of blasting the air conditioner full blast as you may be wont to do, consider closing your blinds, turning off your lights and sealing in the coolness on a hot day, air conditioning your home minimally (especially when you aren’t there!).

Transportation Alternatives: Taking the bus, biking or walking may not always be a viable solution to having your own vehicle, but ride sharing platforms such as Zipcar & Uber, along with your good ole’ carpooling can do wonders for the environment!

Washing/Drying your clothes: Wash in cold water and air dry whenever possible to cut back on high laundry costs and keep your clothes looking newer for longer!

Food: organic, local foods may seem a bit more costly now but over time you will help your immediate environment and economy by investing in it.

Bathroom Habits: Take short showers instead of long baths, and turn off the water while brushing your teeth!

Careful cleaning: Choose products that are eco-friendly, they are healthier for you and of course great for the environment! Making simple, natural cleaners yourself (such as water, baking soda and vinegar) can also work just as good as the toxic stuff.

Watch your garbage: Don’t just throw stuff out willy nilly–look to see if your garbage is perhaps recyclable, reusable or whether you can donate something. Furthermore, watch the plastic containers of some items you buy: some of it cannot be recycled!

Do you have any tips on reducing your ecological footprint? How will you celebrate Earth Day?

-Taylor, Social Engagement Specialist, AskforTask Inc.




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