The Secret To Decluttering In Less Than 5 Minutes

If you’re like most people, you manage to successfully dodge doing chores on the regular, and then one day find yourself living amidst a disaster zone. Well who can blame you?

While we understand the tedious nature of chores, chores also keep our home spaces tidy and relaxing. If you find yourself battling the desire to skip out on chores, here are a few ways to commit to a tiny little activity daily that won’t take up too much time, 5 minutes in fact. You’ll find your home cleaner and tidier in no time.

Day 1: Clear A Counter


Just pick one counter. Do a little organizing. Wipe the surface down. Put away food items and wash a few dirty dishes. Set a timer, do it for 5. That’s it.

Day 2: Straighten Out Your Wardrobe


This is hard, but necessary. Just shake out those tangled hangers and move clothing items around to reduce the messy clutter of your closet. Refold that shirt you threw back in there this morning.

Day 3: Place 5 Things Into Designated Places


This is an interesting exercise in space allocation. Pick 5 things in your house that tend to be left lying around, and designate a place for them. You’ll quickly discover just how many things you have, how little storage space you use, and innovative ways to put everything away!

Day 4: Choose A Cupboard


This may take a little more than 5 minutes, depending on the size of the cupboard. In extreme cases, just go with a shelf. Reorganize all that tableware, the condiments, the books, the photo albums. You’ll feel much better after re-introducing order.

Day 5: Put Away Shoes


We love to leave our shoes wherever we take them off. This is a BAD HABIT. Take some time to put away the shoes that have been left out, and you’ll be greeted by a much more welcoming doorway.

Doing small tasks like these are wonderful tiny steps in the larger habit of decluttering. We at AskforTask believe that a clean home is a happy home. Our general help experts specialize in decluttering and organization and if you use our special codeΒ BLOG10 you can receive $10 off your first booking!

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