Hacking: Is it Ever Necessary?


We’ve seen it in the news lately; hackers release private celebrity photos, Alabama football coach Lane Kiffin’s online profile gets an unwanted update. However in this age of transparency there has actually been an influx of hacking in the name of good, or in the spirit of fun at the very least.[…]

The NFL claimed getting the video of Ray Rice’s assault would have been illegal, which has lead most to believe it was obtained by TMZ through other means, however this is not something we haven’t seen before.

Hacking groups like Anonymous have used their “services” to out cyber bullies, a method that has even been discussed in the House of Commons.

It the midst of all of these stories some have used hacking to create some fun for society. Take for example a recent blog post on Gizmodo.com about hacking into a Canon printer. Why? To upload the classic videogame Doom of course. In attempt to inform the company how easily their hardware could be hacked, Michael Jordon remote-accessed the printer and claimed the “The web interface has no user name or password on it.”

Although this was done in good spirit, it raises concern to consumers and should be a bit of a wake up call to manufacturers. It also raises the question, can hacking be used for good?
Nevertheless, the AskForTask team is thankful our printer doesn’t have a big enough display screen for the game…we prefer Tetris anyway.

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