Spring has FINALLY descended upon us, offering its good graces and we’re so excited! What is it about this season that makes us want to clean? Perhaps its the need to dust off the dreary winter, or just that fresh breeze that puts us in the mood for something new. As they say, out with the old and to the mall we go! If you’re looking to jumpstart your annual spring clean, here are 5 simple tasks that will feel like your home just went through a complete revamp!

Clean That Carpet

Carpets are hothouses for musty odours, dust, random food scraps, stains and everything else you have tracked in with your feet, and can be pretty gross and unhygenic with all that bacteria. Take them for a clean, either professionally or DIY, your carpets will look brand new, and you might find yourself having less sniffles in the early morning and late at night!

Clean Your Appliances

Clean your kitchen vents. Wipe down the washing machine. Scrub the fridge. Dust out the bathroom air vents. Replace those furnace filters! What better way to bring spring in than to actually clear the airways of all the dust, and your appliances with all the stains collected throughout the winter months?

Purge Your Closet

Is there anything more thrilling than getting rid of stuff you don’t need anymore? As the old saying goes “when in doubt, throw it out”. We could not agree more. Time to stop playing packrat and donate everything of limited keepsake value. Old toys, clothes and games need to be cleaned out and replaced. Trust us, the feeling after you get rid of stuff you no longer need, is thrilling and look, now you even can go shopping. Rinse, recycle and repeat, just so long as you don’t forget to purge.

Preserve Your Furniture

Furniture preservation might seem a bit excessive, but honestly it makes such a difference. A good polish or wax will really elevate the appearance of your furniture and combat wear and tear. If you have furniture that is more particleboard than real wood, use glue to reinforce the joints and backing to give it another few years of life. Use construction adhesive or polyurethane glue on particle board, and wood glue if you are working with real wood. Don’t forget to varnish, and remember, coasters!

Refresh Your Interior

Interior is everything when you walk into your home. So why not give that a spruce as well? Paint is chipping? Time for  color update! Floors looking dull? Give it a good polish! Curtains need to flow with the spring breeze? Switch your winter set for a fresh translucent set.
AskforTask Design Tip: If you have a small space, use light colours like an off-white with clever contrasts to make it look bigger than it is.
As always, AskforTask is here to help. Whether you hire a cleaner to help freshen your place up, or a handyman to preserve your furniture, we are here for you!

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