How to Avoid Credit/Debit Fraud


A person bent on committing fraud is likely to put a lot of effort into their crime, therefore it is important to be cautious as well as vigilant in order to ensure it doesn’t happen.

Fraudsters are now able to see your PIN in images using thermal-image camera attachments on their phone.  The criminals in question can even see the order in which the PIN was typed by the strength of the heat signature. To deter this, rest fingers on multiple buttons to create varying heat signatures.

Avoid easy-to-know passwords and PINS. Many people make the mistake of using one password for everything, and telling the wrong person about it.  Don’t write down the pin either, they are pretty easy to recognize.

If you lose your card, cancel it right away. While it may seem easy to track your transactions to the time and place they occurred, many variables are in place. Can you prove it wasn’t you? Can you get the security footage? Can you identify the person committing fraud? Avoid all of this by reporting any lost or stolen cards as soon as possible.

Think of how easy it would be for someone to send your information overseas, for another person to make online purchases with. Interpol may not be too interested in investigating small charges made online, meaning your money is gone forever, costing you time/money/credit.

Other simple tips: Do not post your card number online, do not click “remember number” on websites or when using public computers, and change PIN numbers every so often.

The best type of protect against credit and debit fraud, is prevention.

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