A Primer: Wall Prints And Where To Find Them

Don’t you dare do it! I know what you’re thinking! You want to finally cover up your bare walls, and decided that the best place to get an affordable art piece is IKEA. You probably saw the big wall print of New York on your last trip there and fell in love with it, or maybe the big canvas with a zebra on it caught your attention. Well, don’t fall for IKEA’s low prices! If you want something affordable and beautiful to add some oomph to your space, there are plenty of other places to get interesting wall prints.

1. Desenio


Desenio is the interior designer’s little hidden treasure. These prints are affordable and sophisticated. They start at $17.95 and come in a variety of sizes too! On Desenio’s website you can buy paired prints for a fraction of the price which will save you time and money. All you have to do is hang them!

2. Spacing

Are you a city lover? Does the idea of map prints and urban design prints excite your decorating senses? Spacing will fulfill all of those needs and fan your hunger for more. Considered Toronto’s city store, they source their prints from a wide range of local and national designers, they offer a range of product that constantly reinterprets all parts of the city through an artistic lens. You’ll find some great unique wall prints here that might remind you of why this city is your city!

3. Tapestries


Tapestries are underrated. They’re a great way of covering up a large space with something cozy and beautiful. Your local Urban Outfitters offers a wide range of materials and textures that you can mix and match. If you’re looking to go alternative budget bet is to source your materials from a store that sells blankets and curtains and use different patterns to make the most out of it. These can be hard to hang, since they can get heavy.

4. DIY Your Life


The most affordable way to cover up your bare walls is by getting crafty! This hashtag is a simple way of translating your own personality onto your walls. Start out with a base: you can find wooden letters and signs at craft stores like Michaels. Then add whatever you want, greenery, a picture collage, or use chalkboard paint and turn it into something you can write on! You’ll love the dynamic, trendy element it brings to your space.

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