Safety Tips for Extreme Sports in Canada

extreme sports tips

Do you thrive off an adrenaline rush? Are you looking to shake off the comfort of your work routine for some death-defying excitement? Trekking out tp explore the extreme sports in Canada available might just be the stress-reliever you need.

Although the experience is thrilling, the risks that come with these activities are serious. It is always a good idea to be aware of all the safety measures that can be taken in order to make the sport as safe as possible.

We’ve compiled some safety tips for some of the most popular extreme sports in Canada, and also suggestions for where to go to enjoy them. Read on so you can have fun and make it back alive!

Skiing and Snowboarding

Safety measures

  • Prior to hitting the slopes, ensure that you are in a good shape i.e. follow a fitness program for muscle strengthening.
  • Make sure your skiing or snowboarding gear is in tip top shape and also ensure that equipment like shoes and helmets fit, and are bound properly.
  • Take proper lessons and even after that know your limits; don’t hit the advance slope if you haven’t mastered the beginners level yet.

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Safety measures

  • Choose a professionally trained outfitter to lead you followed by wearing a wet suit, fitted life jacket, a helmet  and proper river shoes.
  • Hold the paddles properly; one hand should be at the base of the paddle on the shaft.
  • The other hand should ALWAYS be on the end of the shaft over the “T” grip.
  • Pay attention to the guide’s instructions, to his commands during the ride, and any approaching rocks that might bump you out of the boat.

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Safety measures 

  • Make sure that the zipline course is maintained properly without any irregularity and inspected daily.
  • The harness holding you to the cable must be clipped securely by a trained professional.
  • You should be capable of at least light exercise for a safe trip.
  • Consult with a doctor if you suffer from conditions such as high blood pressure, neck or back pain, dizziness, seizures, extreme fear of heights or heart problems.

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Safety measures

  • Wear an appropriate fitted jumpsuit that is in accordance to your diving style, beginners or advance, as jumpsuits keep you warm in the frigid cold weather and prevent bumps and cuts while landing; consult a professional instead of experimenting.
  • Check for holes and tears in your jumpsuit or any place from where air can enter.
  • Always wear a helmet and safety goggle that fit properly and won’t cause a hindrance to your vision.
  • Wear fitted gloves and ensure that you can handle your equipment while wearing them.
  • Wear shoes that provide a firm grip when landing. Finally check your equipment and know their correct purpose.

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With the options for extreme sports in Canada available across four different provinces, you’re bound to find something that will satisfy your adrenaline craving. Just remember to play safe and take care of yourself!

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