Say Bye Bye To White Walls Around Your Living Room

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White wall around the house are really a blank canvas where you can do any and everything to spice up that area. Really, you literally have to think little very little and you’ll be bombarded with many ideas which are actually light on your pockets too. Here we give you few ideas which you can very well accomplish for you living room, drawing room, or even your bedroom. Make sure you take help from your kids- they are creatively genius and it’ll always be great to have them be part of your household regime.

1-       Decorative Frames

Wall Frame Ideas

Well, this seems like a cliché but can really pep up your room. Select one wall that you feel in the center of attention in the room you want to decorate. Now start looking for things that you can hang. It can be your family pictures, drawings made by your kids, a fancy poster of your favorite singer or even some inspirational words. Chalk out how you want to put these frames up. Given below are few ideas of the sizes and placements of frames as per your wall setting. Get frames of the same size and hang those babies with a removable hook and you’re good!

2-       Removable wall graphics

wall graphics ideas

This is like the coolest thing around. You can let your imagination go totally off limits and get these graphics as customized as possible. They are easy to apply and easier to take off. You can get one for each room of your house and create your very own theme for every room. Get them in any size you want and hire help from companies like to get them applied to your walls at minimal rates. Trust us, this is worth a try and will definitely give your rooms the pop they need. You can purchase these from or from

3-       Add shelves

Wall Shelf Ideas

Oh no, these are not just shelves that you put in a room to fulfill your need of holding stuff. Now, you can have shelves fancier than the couch in your living room. These can just float around your white wall and not only add a visual appeal to the room but also give you some storage space. These can be placed vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. It will hold anything that you want: books, your figurine collection, your china ware or even frames. You can also make them colorful to add it that extra color pop which can then be your statement wall of the room.

4-       Add a decoration piece

wall decoration ideas

Do you have a brass, metal ware decoration piece around the house that has been coming down from generations and generation? It’s lying somewhere in your garage rusted and under layers of dust. Take it out, shine it up, varnish it, attach it to a wooden frame and put it on the wall. You can have more than just a center-table-piece: a center- wall-situation! You can also hang your chinaware or a collection of vintage metals plates that you’ve had for some time.

5-       Window dressing or a cabin feature

windows dressing ideas 1

A collage of old window and door shutters painted in a variety of colors can turn a featureless wall into beautiful display of creativity. You can also create a wooden paneling on one wall to make it the focal point of any room.

6-       Mirror mirror on the wall

wall mirrors ideas 2 wall mirrors ideas 1

We personally LOVE mirrors. Place them anywhere and it just changes the dynamics of the room. Try it out and you’ll know. You can have an assortment of mirrors placed on one wall or you can  have a huge, wooden framed mirror placed on the floor- anything will look fabulous. Mirrors work best to give your room a classy and chic look. If you’re looking for something vintage, subtle and glamorous- this should be your pick. If you’re looking for something colorful, cool and jazzy, all of the above ideas will apply.

Try these out and if any of these work for you, definitely write to us on our Facebook page.

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