With summers upon us, it’s a time for most of us to relax and take a long overdue break from the usual hectic everyday schedules. A chunk of our vacations are taken over by leisurely walks, impromptu picnics and beach visits, and generally lounging around the house or the backyard soaking up the glorious sunshine.  But it is a good idea to add some productive aspects to the holidays as well and use this precious time to learn some fun and/or useful skills.

Learn First Aid Skills:

In case of an accident, like choking or cardiac arrests, we tend to rush to our phones, to call up an ambulance, or to the emergency room. But even a few minutes in such situations are very crucial that can determine the future of the victim’s health. Hence it is a good idea to be aware of general first aid skills that may keep the victim afloat until trained personnel arrive on the scene. Look up these manuals on first aid to be better prepped in case of an emergency:


Learn to Play an Instrument:

They say music can greatly affect your mood. So why not learn to play an instrument,like a guitar maybe, that will not only be a companion for when you are alone and down but will also guarantee an invite to every party and a handful of admirers; provided you play well!! The following website is highly recommended by people for learning guitar:


The videos are also available on YouTube.com:


Learn Professional Photography

With high mega pixel cameras at the back of every smart phone, everyone is a photographer or so they think. Photography is so much more then duck-faced selfies. It is about the perfect angle, ideal lightening and your basic perspective, and with summers upon us and everything blooming to life, you won’t be short of subject matter. Moreover, you can also utilize this skill to earn a modest income or a pocket money for yourself if the need strikes. Learn the basics of photography on the following website or enroll in a photography class in your nearest community center.


Learn some Gardening:

There is nothing more fulfilling then witnessing a garden grow and thrive under your fingers. You can start your own vegetable garden and go organic, or you can grow flowers for a vibrant backyard and fresh flowers for your home. Click on the link below to browse through numerous topics on gardening for beginners:


Learn Origami:

The literal meaning of origami is “folding paper” and you can learn this art, generally associated with the Japanese culture, to create cute little ornaments that can be used for decorations, greeting cards, gifts, wall art etc. Include your kids while learning this art and make it a family thing! Log onto the following website to learn everything about origami:


Or if you prefer learning through videos, checkout the videos by Traposo US on YouTube.com



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