The Culture of Tech StartUps

A StartUp’s company culture is directly linked to that company’s growth and expansion; A happy worker is a happy company. We’ve all heard of AirBnB’s weekly yoga class, and company happy hours in a few growing StartUp’s in the States but, have we ever stopped to ask why these aspects of a company are important? Forbes did just that in a recent expose that explores the importance of well-developed company culture in the world of Tech StartUp’s.

Stating that “The failure or quit rate of new ventures is around 50-60% during the first 2 years”, Forbes suggests that the overall attitude and ambience of a company determines the rate of expansion and its resilience in the first two crucial years of its inception. A company must determine its attitude and have its employees participate and engage with this attitude to want to stick around. With a high turn over rate, it becomes difficult to get grounded in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of Tech and biz with talent coming in and out rather than sticking around and pursuing team development.

Forbes notes that in some success stories, “founders intentionally created an environment that met both diversity, learning and flexibility needs of its employees. Notably, the company maintained its culture even in the face of an economic downturn, maintaining its “awesomeness”. AskforTask is quickly proving to be a wildly successful and rapidly growing Tech StartUp in the Canadian scene. How did we do this? Strong company culture. When AskforTask employees come to work they know they are entering an environment that reflects the principles of the sharing movement of which they are a part and parcel.

Our Company Culture is manifested in our daily morning huddles and our Innovation Lounge (a super chill room with low lights, laptops and good tunes) where laughs and jokes are shared, as well as stories of success and support. We share our successes as a team with our well-developed and quickly growing Media wall that showcases the stories of our success and growth since day one. Our News Feed wall, a chalk-friendly wall in our open-space work area, asks questions about where our diverse team is from, what their favourite pizza topping is and shares the occasional inspirational quote that keeps AskforTask moving forward. We promote the sharing of ideas and collaboration, as can be found on almost all of our glass surfaces – from the windows that look upon the bustling streets of downtown Toronto to the CEO’s glass wall, we have scribbled our ideas on every surface, developing them as a team and sharing them as an innovative family.

To create a successful business or organization that reaches communities all over Canada (any maybe even… the world!) we must be able to create a culture of our own within our own walls that truly reflect our values. We are not just business creators, tech creators, app creators or ideas makers – we are culture creators, every one of us.

Amy Saunders @askfortask

Social Engagement Specialist


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