AskforTask Featured In The Globe and Mail!

AskForTask was recently featured on a Globe and Mail story on the collaborative economy:

“Many people enter into the sharing economy for financial reasons, but they end up staying for the human connection,” Ms. Foster said. “We’re coming out of an era where much was written about how we’re more alone as a society, how the social fabric is weaker, how we don’t know our neighbours, and all of that is changing. That’s what the sharing and peer economy is growing out of – the need for people to feel connected to one another, to know their neighbours, and to be part of communities.”

Muneeb Mushtaq, founder and chief executive officer of Toronto-based AskforTask, said his company’s website is filled with stories about people finding work experiences and making new connections with others.

“Once you [take on] a task, you meet a new ‘asker,’ it’s all about increasing your network,” he explained. “[With such websites], now it’s really easy to get to know each other, because it’s a community of neighbours helping neighbours.”

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