The Social’s Essential Spring Cleaning Apps – AskforTask

On April 18th, Kate McKenna included AskforTask in her “Must-Have Spring Cleaning Apps” on The Social (CTV).

“Spring is when you are supposed to tackle all of those little nagging jobs. But sometimes I just don’t want to do those little nagging jobs. I would rather someone else do it for me!” – Jessica Allen.

Well, there is an app for that! AskforTask!

Kate described how, through the AskforTask app, you could request anything from cleaning, handymen, dog walking, and even IKEA furniture assembly!

With the nice weather finally starting to set in, do you shudder at the thought of cleaning out your packed garage and spare bedroom, or completing all of the little household tasks you avoided all winter? Don’t worry! You can hire a friendly, well trained and reliable Tasker to complete your tasks so you can kick back, relax and enjoy the warmer weather.

Apart from AskforTask, the segment also covered a wide range of cleaning apps such as:

  • BrightNest which creates tailored home-maintenance lists, cleaning projects, and cool tutorials,
  • Think Dirty, an app that gives you “dirty ratings” of your makeup products so you can decide which ones to toss,
  • Trend Trunkan online marketplace that allows you to sell your used clothing
  • Flic, an app that spring cleans photos on your phone to make room for more memories

With all these wonderful apps available to help you, getting your life back into order will be a breeze 🙂

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