What Has Social Media Done To Language?!

Now that “selfie” has been coined “Word of the Year” and included in the online version of the Oxford dictionary (see http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/selfie-named-oxford-dictionary-s-word-of-the-year-1.2431526), AskForTask.com has decided to compile a list of Internet lingo that should be considered for future dictionary publication.

The research for this article was completed in a highly professional manner by thoroughly browsing twitter and my own Internet chats to see what words and phrases I consistently saw repeated. Feel free to share this post with your family and friends, just in case they’re struggling to keep up with modern linguistics.

(All profane short forms have been carefully omitted from this article)

Here’s our TOP 10 list of Internet terminology:


◦                Also known as, ‘Totally’

◦                Typically used whenever you agree upon something i.e. Eric: Do you want to go for poutine after work? Darryl: Totes.


◦                A short form of the word, ‘Definitely’

◦                Should only be used in text and not in speech as there is room for misunderstanding


◦                Refers to the “motto”, You Only Live Once

◦                i.e. Pam: I don’t know if I should drink that expired milk… Tom: YOLO!


◦                Acronym for ‘Shake My Head’

◦                Stated when someone is embarrassed with themselves or someone else

◦                i.e. I tripped over my computer chord and chipped a tooth #SMH


◦                Someone who is very confident in themselves

◦                i.e. Chris: Dude, did you see Mike dancing with all those girls last night? Dave: Ya man, that kid has so much swag, it’s insane.

What’s good?

◦                A replacement for saying, “What are you up to?” or “What are your plans?”


◦                Slang terms for the word ‘Hilarious’

◦                i.e. TJ: I watched Modern Family last night with my mom, man that show’s howls.


◦                A term taken from the word “brother” and refers to someone who is a “friend” and can be used interchangeably for both males and females

◦                i.e. Jared: Yo, bro, what’s up? Sara: Hey bro, not much you?


◦                An abbreviation for the phrase, “Roll On The Floor Laughing”

◦                Commonly used when someone finds something so funny they don’t know what to do with themselves

◦                Usually people do not actually ‘roll on the floor laughing’ but stating so explains that the joke goes beyond the age old abbreviation of “lol (laugh out loud)

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

◦                A response to anything that seems like too much effort or a waste of time

◦                Originally seen during a news broadcast where a woman described her experience running from a fire while she had bronchitis

Feel free to post your own Internet slang/lingo in the comment section below, we’d love to hear what we may have missed :D!

Peace (aka Goodbye/See You Later),

The AskForTask Team

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